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5 November 2019 - Nordic APIs 2019 Platform Summit

Categories: Technology, Presentation, Nordic APIs

The Nordic APIs 2019 Platform Summit attracted both industry experts and thought leaders, this year I was lucky enough to be selected to present a consumer’s take on GraphQL vs REST. My short presentation and accompanying demo imparted the top 3 factors a consumer considers when looking at an API, the key take-away is that ultimately the design of the API is more important than the technology the API is built in.

3 July 2019 - UKOUG Southern Technology Summit

Categories: Technology, Presentation, UKOUG

Early July I had the pleasure of presenting at the UKOUG Southern Technology Summit, this one day conference contained various streams but I mainly attended the Development stream. Three of the sessions that stuck in my mind were Phil Wilkins’ presentation of “What Makes A Good API”, David Callaghan’s session on “Hermes’ Chatbot, Holly” and finally Susan Duncan’s session on “High Productivity in a Microservices World”.